February 28, 2002

Which Firearm are you?
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Damn, they really know me.
White House Regrets Blaming Clinton on Mideast
Here’s a good lesson in carefully phrasing your title. I'm sure they mean "...Regrets Blaming Mideast on Clinton." [Emphasis added]

We certainly don't hold the Mideast responsible for Clinton. I thought he was from Arkansas?
Daschle Says War Lacks 'Clear Direction'

A few things:

1) 'Go where the terrorists are - kill them.' sounds like a pretty clear direction to me.

2) From Trent Lott: "How dare Senator Daschle criticize President (George W.) Bush while we are fighting our war on terrorism, especially when we have troops in the field?"
Well Trent, when would be the proper time to criticize the war? After it’s over?
Rumsfeld: Pentagon Closing Office (washingtonpost.com)
"News reports and commentary have made it impossible for [the Office of Strategic Influence] to do its job."
You do realize, fellow bloggers, that this is partly our fault right? Good work.

February 27, 2002

A note of the previous article:
The title of the link reads "HACK A PC, GET LIFE IN JAIL"

This is misleading, if not completely false. A PC is a personal computer. The laws in question deal with attacks on servers and mainframes which could "recklessly endanger lives." As far as I know, there are very few personal computers whose failure could directly endanger lives, unless someone is regulating their Iron Lung through a Unix shell script on their laptop. But we all know those things are crash-proof.
New Cyber-Crime Bill expands crimes punishable by Life in Prison.

In reading this article, it wasn't so much the primary issue that bothered me, namely the punishing of hackers by life in prison, but another part, so shrugged-off you might have missed it:

"Until we secure our cyber infrastructure, a few keystrokes and an Internet connection is all one needs to disable the economy and endanger lives,"

Um, WHAT? It sounds to me like you should quit wasting your time on passing harsher laws, and get to securing your cyber infrastructure Right. Now.

How is it that the Government can get away with a statement like this? If the situation they describe here is in fact accurate, then the government has been negligent to the point of being criminal itself. Forget worrying about how to punish hackers for committing these crimes, who's responsible for permitting this situation to exist in the first place? I can just imagine the government opting not to have a Federal Reserve, but just leave all the gold in a big pile in the middle of a field, then begin expanding the laws prohibiting making off with 10 million in gold bullion in your trunk. Well good, people shouldn't steal gold, no matter how badly guarded.

Sorry guys, you’re gonna have to do better then putting up a "DO NOT DISABLE THE ECONOMY" sign.
Jay Leno's offends Korea with Dog eating joke.

Not to say that Jay Leno isn't an unfunny hack, which he is, but this is hardly an international incident. Comedians make cultural jokes of this sort all the time, about the French, British, Germen... come to think of it, it seems that off colour (yes, maybe even racist) jokes like Leno's are only acceptable when made about White, European countries. This is nothing new of course, it’s long been an understood rule of political correctness that its ok to insult Europeans, but not Asians, Africans, or other ethnic groups. The short answer seems to be that:

a) America and Europe consider themselves such close friends; jabs about cultural stereotypes are acceptable, even good natured.


b) There is a lingering kind of racism in the modern world, which says that its somehow extra cruel for whites to make jokes about non-whites, versus making jokes about other predominantly white nations.

Like most things, it's no doubt a little of both. Europeans are close by, culturally similar. Making stereotypical jokes about our differences is almost a celebration of our sameness. Asia, however, is distant, culturally alien. Making the same jokes has the opposite effect: it exaggerates perceived differences, heightens cultural sensitivities.

That being said, that was a bad joke Jay, your a putz.
I'm shocked, shocked I say!
Rosie, we had no idea.
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This just in, from the "Trolling for Googles" department.

You'll notice that in the midst of the drunken-teen-sex debate, I kept my ten foot poll safely where it belongs, and it turned out to be a wise choice on my part.

The funny part is - when I heard the statistic, my initial reaction was "Is that all?"
A few choice words from a brilliant New Yorker on.. (wait for it) terrorism.
He makes a good point, should we really be worried about attacks anywhere but New York? What self respecting terrorist is going to blow themselves up in a Philadelphia McDonald's?
This is a BAD Idea.

The President of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number) has called the free, democratic approach to the net "fatially flawed." He has further called for massive reform, including more involvement of national governments. Good god man, if this is flawed, what would you consider proper? The Internet, in its present form, has been amazingly successful, resilient to censorship, and fostering of discussion and the exchange of idea. More over, its done it all in spite of national government’s, attempts at greater involvement, not because of them. What, may we ask, is so flawed here?
Human ID Chip

This is the sort of thing that would only be laughed, then jeered at, before Sept. 11th.
Today however, the idea of planing tracking devices under people's skin seems almost viable. Um, do I even need to say what i think?

February 26, 2002

I feel I must apologies for the ugliness that has befallen my page. The annoying snippets of code are purely unintentional, and beyond even the brightest scientific minds gathered here at EatTheStupid. (This is assuming the rest of you can see them to, and my browser is not simply playing some perverse game with me, which is not beyond the realm of possibility.) If any other bloggers have encountered this problem before, please don't hesitate to contact yours truly at Krypto246@Yahoo.Ca

UPDATE: The ugliness is gone, and the blame for its existence can be placed entirely on my hit counter, which i obtained from sitemeter.com (i won't provide it with free googling by linking the site) needless to say, i highly recommend NOT using sitemeter counters on your own blog.
Here's how I stack up:
(test yourself)

1. Kant (100%)
2. Sartre (99%)
3. Mill (77%)
4. Stoics (77%)
5. Rand (74%)
6. Prescriptivism (63%)
7. Spinoza (63%)
8. Bentham (62%)
9. Epicureans (62%)
10. Hume (59%)
11. Nietzsche (59%)
12. Noddings (53%)
13. Aristotle (45%)
14. Aquinas (44%)
15. Hobbes (44%)
16. Augustine (32%)
17. Cynics (26%)
18. Plato (26%)
19. Ockham (25%)
A correction:
The aforementioned transparent aluminum isn't real Aluminum, its alumina, or aluminum oxide for the uninitiated.
From the Hey! Look at me! department...

I'd like to pretend it was a slow news day, but we both know that’s not true don't we?
For now, I only have one meager offering, in the form of this tidbit here.

Cher expresses outrage over a month old non-story a day before her new album comes out? Hmmm.... (My favorite part is where she says "What are we going to do next? Put shorts on the statue of David? .... If they start doing that, maybe they'll start deciding what books are all right for us to read, and we'll start losing all of our freedoms.") Ya, i suppose thats possible... um, maybe.
It takes a diva of her caliber to spread such a distinctive flavor of FUD. You go girl.

February 25, 2002

God bless our Government, who else would protect us from 3-year-old children?

So as part of the new tightening of airport security, passenger searches are now conducted completely at random. To avoid charges or racial profiling no doubt, a computer ticks off passenger tickets as to who is to be searched, taking the time tested skills of intuition and observation out of the hands of airport guards, and replacing them with a random number generator.

I have three thoughts on this topic:

1) By being so adamant in their refusal to be reduced to using common sense, how can they expect any American to take the new safety measures seriously? Are we to feel protected against terrorism because our airports have the courage to search infants?

2) The time they spend doing an extensive search of a three year old girl coming home from Disney World is time they should be watching out for real threats. It’s not like we have staff to spare.

3) If that little girl takes over a plane, we're all idiots and deserve to die, let her have it.
More Bush bashing bastards

What, a Democrat is critisizing a Republican on the issues during a partisan dinner? They're letting the terrorists win!
From the "Truth is stranger then Star Trek department.....
Transparent Aluminum!
From the What's Old is New Department: The right - its the new left.

Uber-muckraker Matt Drudge here reports a story where West Wing writer and producer Aaron Sorkin is knuckle rapped for "attacking Bush" and "mocked President's Bush courage." (I’m sure he meant “President Bush’s”, not “President’s Bush.” The President's choices in shrubbery are, i think quite obviously, none of our business.
For those of you who actually read his quotations, you'll see he's far from the despicable terrorist sympathizer that he's made out to be. In fact, he's only saying what (I hope) your all thinking. Namely, that its a good thing people aren’t wasting time making the pre-Sept. 11 Bush jokes that were the staple of the media, in months past, but he's still far from the masterful warrior and leader of nations as which he's now - just as often - presented.
How did we get from consistently mocking every dumbass thing Bush said (and he's said and done some remarkably stupid things) to ripping a political television show writer for daring to suggest that perhaps he's not the next Teddy Roosevelt? I'll tell you how: CNN, NBC, and CBS decided to rewrite their little melodrama in the third act. What was previously intended to be a "the emperor has no clothes" 4-year comedy of errors was changed, due to the unexpected entrance of 9/11 stage left, into a metamorphic, ugly duckling drama. Some time during the first air strikes over Kandahar, our national bards at the major media outlets found that they could put a new and exciting twist on the fiction that would be the tale of George W. Bush. The bumbling idiot who would surly drive this country to ruin became the apparently bumbling idiot who surprised us all by rising to the challenge when it presented itself. When the people are ready, a leader will arise. How touching, how utterly dignified, how completely false.
As much as we would like to think so, the events of Sept. 11, and the war on terrorism did not forge George Bush into a lean mean fighting machine. Agreed, he's done better then anyone expected, he's done remarkable well in fact. However, as many of my fellow radical media haters will tell you, much of his success is a function of his being rather simple-minded, not in spite of it.
For an American President, fighting a popular war is as easy as falling off a horse. The trick is to completely ignore the whining and bickering of European politicians, moderates in the enemy camp, and anyone else who wants to point out the nuances and subtlety of the situation which you fail to understand. Screw that, just kill ‘em all and let God sort it out. Well why not? It’s worked so far.
The point is, while bombing the shit out of poor and ill equipped al-Qaeda and Taliban forces is the undoubtedly proper approach in this situation, it was hardly the a masterpiece of strategy and political maneuvering. The Emperor has found some clothes, and for that we’re all thankful, but even a fool can see its plain what needs to be done, and doing it doesn’t make him any less the fool. Kudos Mr. Sorkin.

February 24, 2002

Ok, just getting things kicked off here. You can expect a relatively steady stream of my own thoughts, and (more often) the thoughts of those smarter them I - conveniently hyperlinked - to show up in this space. I'll be back when I have something to say. Tune in next week - same bat-time, same bat-channel.